Vegetarian Seekh Kabab


    chickpea boiled   2cups
    potatoes  2 medium boiled
    fresh coriander chopped  6-7 tbsp
    green chili  1
    onion 1
    bread crumbs  5-6 tbsp
    salt 1 tsp or as required
    paprika   1 tsp
    red chili flakes   1 tsp
    carom seeds  1/2 tsp  (ajwain)
    cumin seeds  1 tsp  (zeera)
    black pepper 1 tsp
    lemon juice  2 tbsp
    chinese salt  1/2 tsp  (MSG)


1. chop half chickpea in chopper. mash half with hands.for texture in Kababs. mash poached potatoes with hands. chop one onion and one inexperienced chili in chopper.
2. mash poached potatoes with hands.
3. chop one onion and one inexperienced chili in chopper. 4. dry roast carom seeds(ajwain) and cumin seeds. crush them virtually finely in a very hand device. 5.finely chop coriander with knife. 6. combine all on top of ingredients with salt, paprika, Chinese salt, black pepper , juice, red chili flakes and bread crumbs.
Make long seekh kabab form. if it's sticky simply keep this in electric refrigerator for half-hour then build kababs.
Fry them with 3-4 tbsp oil in hot pan. initial cook one aspect fully then flip it. as a result of once kabab well-done from one aspect properly it cant break.
serve with mint dairy product dip or tamarind can realize dips links down.


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