Fruit Custard Recipe


    2.5 cups Milk
    4 cups chopped Fruits
    6 tbsp Sugar
    2.5 tbsp Custard Powder vanilla flavored
    1/4 tsp Vanilla Essence optional


Take milk in a very significant round-bottomed vessel and convey it to a simmer.
Take 1/4 cup of heat milk and add the dish powder thereto. combine well with none lumps.
Add this dish milk back to the boiling milk and blend well.
Add sugar and vanilla essence and keep stirring in a very low flame.
Stir incessantly to stop lumps from forming.
Cook till the mixture thickens.
close up the flame and let it cool fully. this can thicken additional because it cools.
Add the shredded fruits to the ready dish and mix.
Refrigerate it and serve chilled.
you'll be able to conjointly chill the dish initial and add the fruits before serving.


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