Baileys Truffles


  • 600 g milk chocolate - 400g or the ganache centre and 200g for the coating
  • 100 ml double cream
  • 100 ml Baileys
  • 25 g white chocolate


Make the Baileys ganache filling

  • Break 400g chocolate into chunks and pop it into a cooking pan. heat on a really light heat till all of the chocolate has molten (you will try this over a bain marie or during a microwave if you prefer).
  • place the cream cheese (100ml) and Baileys (100ml) into an oversized bowl. Once the chocolate has molten, pour it into the Baileys and cream and stir it speedily till absolutely combined (you should stir quickly otherwise the chocolate might seize and go lumpy).
  • Pop it into the icebox for concerning 0.5 Associate in Nursing hour to line.

Temper the chocolate

  • If you’re unaccustomed tempering chocolate then I’d suggest you're taking a glance at my guide which incorporates a fast video demonstration showing precisely what you wish to try and do.
  • Break 150g of chocolate into a cooking pan and heat on a mild heat till the chocolate has reached 45ºC. Once it's reached 45ºC take away from the warmth (don’t worry if it has’t utterly molten, still stir it and therefore the remaining lumps can soften within the residual heat).
  • Pour the chocolate into an oversized bowl.
  • You currently need to bring the temperature of the chocolate right down to 32ºC that you are doing by stirring within the 50g of chocolate you haven’t used nevertheless. Add this chocolate a handful of items at a time, stirring incessantly. because the chocolate melts, add a lot of items till you reach 32ºC.
  • take away any undissolved lumps of chocolate (these is a touch cooks treat!).

Make the chocolates

  • Lay out an oversized sheet of paper.
  • Get your ganache from the icebox and scoop out balls concerning 1″ diameter.
  • Drop a ganache ball into the molten chocolate and use a tablespoon to maneuver it around and guarantee it’s all coated. carry it out mistreatment the spoon and therefore the fastidiously slide it onto the paper mistreatment the rear of a fork.
  • Repeat till all of your chocolates square measure coated.
  • Leave for concerning half-hour for the chocolate to line utterly (this are faster within the fridge).

Decorate with chocolate

  • place 15g of chocolate {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a really} cooking pan and soften over a very light heat till it reaches 45ºC.
  • Once the chocolate has reached 45ºC take away it from the warmth and place into a bowl. Stir within the remaining chocolate (10g) a touch at a time, till the temperature has fallen to 32ºC.
  • place the molten chocolate into a piping bag or bottle and drizzle over the chocolates (if you don’t have a piping bag or bottle then you'll be able to conjointly use a fork unfit within the chocolate and permit it to drizzle over).
  • Leave to line.


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