√ 5 Secret Tricks How To Earn Money From Google Adsense

Tricks How To Earn More Money From Google Adsense - Is the best PPC advertising network. Google Adsense is the main income source for so many bloggers. But some bloggers are complaining that they are not earning good amount of money from Adsense and they think that those people are telling lie who are saying that they are earning millions just because of Google Adsense.

The fact is that those bloggers who are not earning good amount of money from Adsense they don’t know how to with Adsense. You have to keep in mind lots of things while placing Adsense ads on your site. In this post I am going to tell you a few secret tricks of earning more revenue from Google Adsense.

Select The Highest Paying Niche

I always believe that a blog should only  concentrate on one topic rather than covering several topics. A blog based only on that one niche earns more revenue than the blog that has several topics. Now the question comes into the mind is what kind of niche you should choose.

The answer is always to choose the highest paying niche if you want to earn more from Google Adsense. For example a tech blog will earn more than an entertainment blog. So be careful while choosing the niche of your blog.

Place Ads On Right Places

Ad placement can make much effect on the earnings of your blog. If you will place ads in the footer area then it will be viewed by very few people and it will have very less chances of getting clicks from readers. So always place the ads in the places where it has, the more chances of clicks.

Blend Ads With Content

This is very powerful trick to drive more clicks on your ads. Try to blend the ads with your blog template so that the ads will look like the part of the content. If it will look like the content then it will have  more chance of clicks because most of the readers know that these are just ads and they do not click on them.

Use Big Ad Formats

This is the most common thing that if your ad size have, the bigger size, then it will have more *visibility and will have more clicks than smaller ad formats. Even Google recommends to use the bigger ad formats. The most popular ad formats are 728*90, 336*280, 160*600, 300*250.

Block Low Paying Ads

Google is providing the option to publishers to block the ads they do not want on their blog. But you have to be very careful about this. I advise you to research well before blocking any ad unit because sometimes an ad unit has very less paying an amount in one country but in another country it is paying more amount. So always be careful while blocking the ad unit.

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