√ 7+ Legit Ways How To Make Money Online from Blogging

Easy Steps to Make Money Blogging - Blogging is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Some people think that it's really easy to earn money via blogging. They think that you just need to make a blog and then you will start getting thousands of dollars every month.

But it's not true. Blogging is a hard working job, you need to work really hard to get success in blogging. In this post I am trying to go through the process of blogging journey from a newbie blogger to a successful blogger.

how to make money from blogging
how to make money from blogging

#1. Choose A Niche

The first thing you have to do before starting a blog is that you need to think about the niche of your blog. The niche has to be popular among people if you want to earn serious money from your blog.

But keep one thing in your mind that if you are choosing a niche that is highest paying but you don’t have any interest and knowledge about that topic then don’t make the mistake of choosing that niche.

If you will choose a niche that is not of your interest or knowledge then you don’t have anything to write on the blog after some days.

#2. Buy A Domain Name

After choosing the niche of the blog its time to choose a domain name for your blog. The domain name should be keyword rich domain name as it will help your blog to gain more traffic from search engines.

For examples if your blog is about iPhone apps than iPhone apps words should be in your domain name. It will be really helpful for search engines to understand that your blog is about iPhone apps.

#3. Buy A Reliable Web Hosting

After the purchase of domain name, it’s the turn to buy a reliable web hosting. Always try to research before buying a web hosting. If you failed to buy a reliable web host and your blog starts to get so much downtime then it will be harmful for your blog traffic.

So always be careful and do some research before buying a web hosting.

#5. Choose The Blogging Platform

There are various blogging platforms are available, but if you believe my word, then you should choose WordPress as your blogging platform as it is the best blogging platform acclaimed by several bloggers from all around the world.

#6. Write At Least 20 Posts Before Launching Your Blog

This is very important that when you start your blog you should have atleast 20 post already written before you make it live. If you will have 20 posts, then it will make sure that your blog will have a post published everyday at least for the first 20 days.

If your blog is a regular updating blog then it helps you to get more valuable visitors for your blog.

#7. Build A Network Around Your Blog

If your blog will have a network around it, then it will be more easy for you to earn more money from your blog.

You need to publish the hot topics on your blog and then try to start a conversation on your post with your readers. Never forget to reply to the commentators on your blog it helps you to develop a relationship with your blog readers.

#8. Start Showing Advertisements on Your Blog

After building the network it will be sure that your blog will get a decent amount of traffic and it is the right time to put ads on your blog.

You can put CPC, CPM or Text Link Ads on your blog. I will explain all the options in a different post in coming days.

#9. Sell Affiliate Products On Your Blog

Income is not a sure shot income like the advertising networks. But believe me if you are a good communicator and you have a healthy relationship with your blog readers, then affiliate is the best way to earn money from your blog. Companies are paying higher commission for every sale to bloggers.

So when you have a decent amount of targeted traffic on your blog start selling the affiliate links of same niche on your blog.

This is the blogging journey where I try to explain the process of blogging from the first step to the last step. Please do share your thoughts and comments in the comments section.

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