My Journey How to Make Money from Google Adsense $100 In An Hour

Make Money Online Fast From Google Adsense - You read it right, it was a time when it takes me a whole year just to earn $100. Four years back when I just passed out from the college after doing my masters in and a diploma in computer application.

I have nothing to do and I used to surf net almost 20 hours a day. One day I read a story about how people are earning thousands of dollars from internet working from home. Firstly, I thought it’s a scam then I thought I should give it a try and I started a free blog at blogspot.

I continue that blog for some time and then I started a website for free mp3 download. I didn’t know at that time that it's illegal to run such a site. After three months I shut down that site because it's not making any money for me.

My Journey Make Money Online From Google Adsense

Then I thought why not click on my own ads and I started clicking on my own ads and suddenly my Google Adsense account banned one day. I was sad and not know what to do then I create another site and approved my Adsense account again.

After getting a new Adsense account I again started to post on my free blogspot blog. One day I read that free blogs can’t make money so I moved my blog to self hosted WordPress. Then I started to make some amount of money and after three months I got my first Adsense check for $112.

I was very happy because it took me near about one year to get that check from Adsense. My blog  was a hit for me at that time and I started earning near about $300 in a month from that blog. But I was not happy because I want to make it big and I know that I can’t make it big with that blog name because it’s a tech blog and tech blog with love in its name can’t work much.

So I decided to shut down that blog and I started a chain of blogs and today I have 17 blogs working day and night for me.

I have blogs on almost all topics right from designing to technology, from tourism to automobile and from photography to relations. Make Money Tips is my 17th blog. I started this blog to share my experiences of making money online.

Above is my journey. But I am not earning only from my blogs I am also writing paid articles for some of the most popular design blogs where I charge $50 to $400 per article as per the quality and length of the article. I am very happy now because I turned my dream into reality.

I remember those days when most of my close friends thought that I am mad because I want to make thousands of dollars per month just by working at home. But now they all appreciate me because I make my dream a reality by doing lots and lots of hard work day and night.

This is my that starts from getting $100 in one year to earning $100 every hour. What is your story. Please do share your story in the comments section. Cheers!

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