How To Earn Money From Google, $100 First for You

How to get money from Google maybe you've heard of. However, up until now if you're still confused how to start. You may also hear there's someone who can get money from Google through the Google advertising program.

For those of you who are still curious how to make money from google, this time I will explain to you. So, you do not need to be confused about how to get money from Google.

Note my explanation regarding the Google Adsense program, namely advertising services that will provide income to you.

You need to follow this program is as follows:
  • Google Mail Account
  • Got a website or YouTube channel
  • Create list have an account on the service Google Adsense

How to get money from Google?

Now it's time memonetisasi or manage to earn money from a website or YouTube channel you have.

1. Build a website or YouTube channel

Let's Make the first YouTube channel you can do of course, make a website or YouTube channel.

Create a YouTube channel is much more easy than to make a website. You just simply register an account to the service YouTube. However, the process of creating content on YouTube it took more skill.
However, if you prefer, choose to monetize a website. You need to learn about making your website or blog.

For an easy process, you do not need a professional website. You can start with blogs like Blogspot or WordPress.

The first time you have to do is buy a domain, that is the address of your site. Then, hosting that is the place where all of the content that you have would be stored.

Some of these service providers, among others, NameCheap, GoodDady, and so on.

After the process is complete you can place ads from Google's Adsense program.

2. Make Video Content/Articles of Interest

Once you have the digital asset, then you should be able to create video content that is interesting to visit. The goal is of course to attract the attention of the users of YouTube.

The more compelling video content that you have on your YouTube channel, then the higher the percentage of visitors who will enliven the channel you. So too with your blog or website.

If you have a lot of visitors then the percentage of visitors who click on your ad will be displayed any more. So its accumulation.

3. Get the attention of Internet users

How to earn money from google Adsense YouTube?

Do not simply rely on the content, you need some other method to grab the attention of Internet users.

One of the most important thing is promotion. A promotion you can do in several ways, namely:

Paid promotion, it means you need to invest any money made getting even more money.
Use social media to create another share content that you have on your website and Youtube channel.
Collaborate with the owner of the other website or Youtube channel so that the more well known.
The third step it had to do with the diligent and consistent.

Remember, Cook instant noodles called "instant" need process, isn't it? So also with ways of getting money from Google. You must wait for the results.

After that process, you run well, nominal income from Google Adsense ads per click, you would go up over time.

As information, usually the value per click advertising Google Adsense is about US $0.1. Create the first US can $100, you need to gather about 1,000 visitors who click on the ads.

Probably not right all visitors that come to your website or YouTube channel you'll definitely click on ads. Let's say 10 percent who did. So, you should be able to 10,000 visitors per month or about 300 visitors per day-ness.

Initially, it looks difficult, but if you are diligent to make building content, then the day so more easily.

After you can collect US $100, get ready to disburse these funds. Please note that the minimum payment Google Adsense is US $100.

So, don't tell me how to get money from Google, especially Google Adsense, impossible. Try it first, then you can say it's hard or not.

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